The Faculty of Islamic Studies in Europe

It is well known that the number of Muslims in Europe has recently increased for various reasons like the offspring of immigrants who came after the Second World War; while the last two decades have witnessed an evident surge of Muslim immigration as well. Consequently, the challenge of this reality has been taking seriously both in the social realm and by governments, where the later have attempted to integrate Muslims into their societies by accommodating their requests with building mosques, establishing charities and so on.

All of that led to the establishing of what we have in the Arab World, a proliferation of faculties dedicated to the teaching of Islamic Studies, (which are distinct from the Faculties of Oriental Studies), to prepare scholars, imams, qualified Islamic teachers to work at schools and universities. We met some of those who established these faculties, and through our discussion with them we observed that there is a shortage of teaching and propagating Islam.

In order to compliment the European governments’ efforts and to fulfill our responsibility towards these educational institutes, we had to create a method that goes parallel with them and complement their actions to prepare the students of knowledge who graduate from these faculties to fulfill their duties towards their co-religionist and compatriots.

Our faculty endeavors to revive the Islamic religion and facilitate Islamic knowledge for seekers, and pave the pathfor industrious students by using distance communication which Allah has facilitated in this age to turn the world into a small village, doing all of this within the boundaries of moderate Islam which is the true path of genuine Muslims.

Establishing the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Europe – FiT will meet the pressing need of European societies to have specialists in Islamic Studies who live in their society, speak its language, and are aware of its intricate requirements, and to be equipped with official university degrees to be able to present themselves in a rational and effective way to their environment to participate in solving some problematic issues which would negatively impact Muslims if they were left unsolved.

Finally, our fresh impetus is to remove ignorance and spread true understanding of Islam among Muslims because their ignorance is an immense danger and threatens their existence.

The honorable Imam IbnSirinsays:” there is a people abandoned seeking knowledge and sitting with scholars and commenced praying and fasting till they became emaciated, then they dissented from the prophetic traditions, and that led them to be doomed and shed Muslims’ blood, by him there no God except him no one does a deed based on ignorance except his action were destructive more than instructive”.

The Faculty of Islamic Studies – FiT considers the safety valve in the European society by spreading and facilitating knowledge among Muslims to keep a balance in the society by rejecting exaggeration and religious extremism, and to clarify the misconception done by the other party to distort Islam and Muslims’ principles.

We cannot finish off without appreciating the efforts done in this field, and acknowledging their role. We are eagerly looking forwards to our cooperation to serve this noble religion for pleasing Allah, his Messenger, and all Muslims.


The Faculty of Islamic Studies has been officially licensed by the German Government as educational institute under the title of (FACHWESEN ISLAMISCHER THEOLOGIE) to be the source of Islamic light shining from Germany to all the Muslim people around the world.

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