It is known that the presence of Muslims in Europe, and their numbers, has begun to noticeably increase in recent times. This emergence is clear for various and multiple reasons, including the rise of new generations of Muslim immigrants to these countries who arrived after World War II, over half a century ago. Additionally, there has been a significant resurgence in Muslim migration to these countries over the past two decades. Muslims have thus become a significant and undeniable reality that cannot be ignored or overlooked by European societies and governments.

 In response, these governments have devised ways to integrate Muslims into the European reality. They have undertaken several initiatives such as meeting their demands for mosques, establishing Islamic charitable organizations, and more. Recently, some governments have even gone as far as establishing institutions similar to Islamic Sharia colleges in Arab countries (distinct from traditional Oriental Studies colleges) to prepare imams, preachers, and specialized professors for teaching Islamic studies in government schools and universities.

 Having met with some of the founders of these colleges and discussed with their educators, we observed their specific approach to Islamic education and propagation. In our view, this approach is neither sufficient nor comprehensive enough to fulfill its intended purpose. Therefore, it became our duty to complement and assist these educational efforts by European governments. We aim to create a parallel path that aligns with and complements their work, addressing their shortcomings and strengthening the students of Islamic jurisprudence who will graduate from these colleges to fulfill their responsibilities toward their religion and the country they live in and belong to..

Our institution advances to participate in the revival and renewal of religion, facilitating the pursuit of Islamic knowledge for every seeker through the blessings of remote communication technology in this era, which has unified the entire world into what resembles a single room. Operating within the framework of Islamic moderation, the path of the righteous, we have been motivated by the urgent need of Muslims in European society for specialized individuals in Islamic sciences who live in and understand the intricacies and specificities of their communities.

 Moreover, these individuals must possess trusted academic credentials to present themselves logically and acceptably to their surroundings. This preparation enables them to effectively engage in various matters crucial to their well-being, matters that would otherwise adversely affect them if neglected or overlooked.

 Lastly, we state candidly and clearly that our primary motivation for undertaking this endeavor is to eradicate ignorance among Muslims and propagate a true understanding of Islam among themselves. Ignorance of Islam among its adherents poses the greatest danger and harm, potentially leading to their demise. Indeed, the eminent Imam Muhammad ibn Sirin, may Allah have mercy on him, has been reported saying, "A people abandoned seeking knowledge and the company of scholars and instead delved into prayer and fasting until one of them became stiff upon his bones, then they abandoned the Sunnah, and thus they perished and shed the blood of Muslims. By Him in whose hand is my soul, no one acts ignorantly without causing more corruption than good."

 Therefore, the Islamic Sciences Foundation in Germany - FiT considers its dissemination of knowledge to Muslims in this country as a gateway to security within European society, maintaining moderation by rejecting extremism and fanaticism in religion, while also preventing the distortion and alteration of Islamic principles and Muslims elsewhere.

 In conclusion, we commend all efforts preceding ours in this field, acknowledging their merit, precedence, and leadership. We align with the statement of Ibn Malik, may Allah have mercy on him, expressing this sentiment:

"He who is ahead, undoubtedly deserving praise,

And deserves beautiful words that greatly appraise."

 We eagerly anticipate coordinating and integrating with them to establish and advise in matters of religion, sincerely for the sake of Allah, His Messenger, and all Muslims.


The Islamic Sciences Foundation - FiT was licensed by the German state in the year 2016 AD as an institution dedicated to educational matters under the name (FACHWESEN ISLAMISCHER THEOLOGIE). It was established to serve as a specialized Islamic educational entity, spreading its influence across Germany and reaching out to Islamic communities worldwide.

Director of the Institution:

Sheikh Khalil Khalilo

Email: khalil@fit-eu.org

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