1. Infuse Islamic principles, spreading Islamic rules, and raising awareness and understanding among Muslims.
  2. Revive the Islamic Spirit by teaching and learning, and deepening the sense of Islamic practice in the individual’s life to manifest the true face of Islam to all around the world.
  3. Educate Muslim students in every way of life, preparing scholars equipped with various kinds of knowledge to guide people to their creator, and solve Muslims’ problems according to Islamic guidance.
  4. Providethe Muslim community with Imams, teachers, muftis and judges in conformity with modern standards without losing their heritage and cultural identity.
  5. Enable Muslims women to study Islamic Sciences which has a great impact on successive generations, and raise awareness among women in general.
  6. Present Islam in a very simple scientific way to non-Muslims.
  7. Interact withthe local community and participate in its issues.
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