Project Concept and Importance

The importance of the project and the gap in the educational arena:

It is not lost on any sincere seeker of knowledge that acquiring sciences and expertise should rightfully be pursued from their rightful sources, whatever these sciences and knowledge may be. The more important and sensitive these sciences become, the more imperative it is to care for all aspects related to their acquisition and reception. Vigilance in this regard is absolutely necessary.

It is well-known that the essence of seeking Islamic sciences is through personal interaction and direct learning. Knowledge is gleaned firsthand, across generations, following a path that should not be deviated from. The one whose teacher is his book may err more than he succeeds!

In addition to what scholars have mentioned about the importance, encouraging students to receive Sharia sciences from trustworthy, pious scholars who embody qualities of knowledge, understanding, sincerity, and proficiency, despite the challenges of this difficult and strange era, it becomes clear that the scarcity of such scholars adds to the difficulty of reaching them. This is due to many reasons, some relating to the circumstances of the scholars themselves, and most relating to the conditions and situations of the students of knowledge.

Therefore, our institution has been keen to fill this significant gap through its program (Traditional Scholarly Reception), which is broadcast to students of knowledge via modern technological means. This facilitates direct communication and learning between students of knowledge and specialized scholars, regardless of their locations across the globe, overcoming distances and national boundaries.

Project Concept:

Making the reception of Sharia sciences in all scientific specialties from scholars and teachers who are currently inaccessible due to prevailing circumstances a practical and achievable reality. If any student of knowledge desires to acquire these sciences, they can do so easily and straightforwardly. For instance, if someone wishes to study Maliki jurisprudence comprehensively under a proficient and trusted Maliki jurist, they can achieve this goal and become adept in their chosen field, as if they were sitting in front of their teacher, despite not having to leave their own country.

This is made possible through our program offered to students of knowledge. Just as the pious Caliph Umar ibn Abdul Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him, was honored by Allah to compile the Prophetic Sunnah during his reign, we hope that Allah will honor us to be among the first to document and transmit the knowledge of scholars accurately and meticulously to the people of knowledge, their students, and their admirers in this era and beyond, using contemporary and modern methods.

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