Method of Study

Video-Recorded Lessons (High-quality Audio and Video) teaching each subject with a special methodology (see the Curriculum and books), however; we start step by step in teaching every Islamic ilim, since every ilim is divided into more than one level; each contains 30 hours, then the lessons (which are on encrypted USB) will be sent to the student after choosing the subject he wants to study from our website: the department of Traditional Islamic Studies, the student can watch all the lessons like he is sitting before the scholar studying face-to-face with him.

Finally, for any inquiries or questions regarding the subject; the student can contact us, and he will be answered by a scholar later on.

Obtaining the ijazah from reliable scholars:

After the student has watched all the videos related to the Islamic ilim he enrolled in, he will be interviewed and tested in each level by the Faculty, and it he passes all the levels a meeting will be arranged with the teacher-scholar of the subject and in light of this meeting the student will be granted the Ijazah from the scholar himself.

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