The Concept and its Importance

The Concept and its Importance:

The uniqueness of the project in the educational realm:

The undeniable truth that all students of knowledge agree on that acquiring knowledge should be from the main authentic sources (AhluIlim) regardless what kind of science it is, and the more important the ilim is the more seriously it should be taken, being meticulous about its source and learning methods, and indisputably that Islamic Sciences are learned directly from reliable Ulama, therefore; their role is indispensable, because knowledge is take from the heart of men, and from their strokes of pen as well, and this is the method which the Umma Scholars had followed during centuries, however; whoever relies just on books to get knowledge, his knowledge will be full of errors.

The scholars talked extensively about the importance of this; encouraging the student to seek knowledge at the reliable pious scholars who have the attributes of ilim, understanding, sincerity, probity and mastery, they are much rarer found in this difficult age, and what made it worse is the difficulty to reach those scholars, because of conditions related to the scholars themselves and others related to the students of knowledge, and for these reasons our Faculty is working to bridge this gap by its program (traditional Islamic sciences program) in which the student can take the knowledge directly from the most honorable scholars around the world through the latest  multimedia technologies.

About the program

It is no more difficult to reach the most honorable scholars wherever they are to study with them as you are sitting before them without even leaving your room! Yes, moreover; if a student wants to master the Maliki Fiqh School for example, he can study the Madhab totally withMaliki Faqih(specialist in Maliki FiqhSchool) without changing his place, and that only can be achieved through our program.

We convey knowledge exclusively from the Ulama to the students and lovers of learning, hoping with this unprecedented step in the realm of knowledge to be following  the steps ofthe Caliph Umar bin Abdulaziz (may Allah be pleased with him) who Allah gave him the honour to collect the Hadiths of the prophet peace be upon him.

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